about nrsp

The Neuro Radiology Society of Pakistan (NRSP) is a professional membership society comprised of almost 6,000 physicians specializing in the field of neuro radiology. The NRSP was founded on December 03, 2019 in Lahore and incorporated in Pakistan on November  1, 2019.

Neuro radiology is the clinical sub-specialty concerned with the diagnostic radiology of diseases of the central nervous system, brain, head and neck, through the use of x-ray, MRI, CT and angiography. It is practiced in hospital settings, academic/educational institutions, and private practice.

We promote the highest standards for clinical practice, education, and research in neuror adiology. We are committed to propagating evidence-based medical information.

Welcoming Environment Policy

NRSP is committed to a welcoming environment for all participants in its events and users of its resources. All participants are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. We encourage a culture of bystander allyship, positive mentorship, and professional modelling. Any participants who engage in inappropriate behavior at NRSP events or while using NRSP resources may be excluded from current or future events and other discipline may be applied. Complaints about inappropriate behavior may be directed to the NRSP CEO or and member of the NRSP Board of Directors. If you feel personally unsafe at a live NRSP event, please contact building security or the local police immediately as well as contacting NRSP staff.

NRSP Membership

Full Member

There are six membership options with the Neuroradiology Society of Pakistan:

All medical practitioners who hold national or international postgraduate qualifications accredited by PMDC (FCPS, MCPS, DMRD, MD, FRCR, DABR, ECINR or equivalent) are practicing in and are residents of Pakistan. Have shown competency in Diagnostic Neuro Radiology Interventional Neuroradiology i.e. Have acquired post radiology fellowship training and certification in subspecialty from a recognized structured training program (evidence required), or Have not acquired any recognized fellowship certification, yet in practice or subspecialty for more than 8 years and can produce two references from certified fellows

Active members must devote approximately one-half or more of their professional practice to neuroradiology.

Areas of Specialty and Practice Settings within ASNR Membership

Practice Settings Within NRsp Membership

Practice Settings Within NRsp Membership

Areas of Speciality within NRsp Membership

Areas of Speciality within NRsp Membership


NRsp Annual Meeting

The NRSP holds one annual meeting per year, typically during the months of April/May. The NRSP Annual Meeting registration is almost 2,000 for our in-person meeting and more than 4,500 for our virtual meeting, with physician attendance comprising approximately 75% of that total. International registration makes up about 5% of total registration.

The NRSP Annual Meeting offers programmatic representation in the sub-specialties of neuroradiology including head and neck radiology, pediatric neuroradiology, interventional neuroradiology, and spine radiology. Each respective sub-specialty holds specific days of programming during the week. Sub-specialty programming days rotate annually.

In addition to attending an intensive scientific program, registrants are able to view comprehensive scientific, poster, and computer (interactive) presentations, as well as, attend a technical (commercial) exhibitor display. Attendees are also given the opportunity to participate in various social activities and optional events offered throughout the meeting.

NRSP Services

NRSP provides educational opportunities to neuroradiologists, fellows, and residents via our online education management system, Education Connection. Many of our educational offerings provide CME credits.

NRSP also participates in a variety of advocacy activities to ensure our members are informed and up to date with the latest in health policy.