Memorandum and articles of sub society

  1. Structure
  2. Central office
  3. Membership of society
  4. Financial year
  5. Funds
  6. Audit
  7. Bank accounts
  8. Special general meeting
  9. Functions and powers of the general body meetings.
  10. Functions and powers of the managing committee
  11. Executive committee
  12. Meeting of the executive committee
  13. Decision
  14. Quorum
  15. Amendment
  16. Elections
  1. The name of society will be neuro radiology society of Pakistan (hereafter referred to as “NRSP” or “Society”).
  2. The objectives of society shall be :
    • To promote education & awareness with reference to Diagnostic and Interventional Neuro Radiology.
    • To organize Diagnostic interventional Neuro Radiologist of Pakistan and Pakistani origin residing outside Pakistan on a united forum.
    • To safeguard and defend the interest and integrity of members of the association through ethical, moral or legal means at the disposal of the society.
    • To guide regulatory bodies in undergraduate and post graduate medical education, for example, the Pakistan medical and dental council, the college or physician and surgeons of Pakistan, Medical and Dental Universities, and other bodies, to help develop rules, regulations and plans which are not contradictory in nature, are of international merit and which improve diagnostic & interventional Neuro radiology education and services in the country.
    • To promote desirable standards or training, guidance and fellowship in Diagnostic and Interventional Neuro Radiology including Acute Ischemic Stroke
    • To hold periodic meetings, courses, seminars and conferences of continuing medical education.
    • To run on Non-Political, non-commercial and Non-religious basis.

1.1   NRSP will function as Society of Neuroradiology Section PPRC.

1.2  The zones includes south including Sindh and Baluchistan and north zone including Punjab, Khyber Pakhtonkhwa, Islamabad,

      Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

1.3  The annual conference will rotate in different zones of possible for 2 years.


2.1  The central office of the society will be located at Lahore. Address: Neuroradiology section PRRC, 37 Lower Mall, Lahore.

     Mailing address: Neuroradiology department Lahore General Hospital, Feroze Pur, Road Lahore.

     Email: ,

2.2  The central office will be responsible for:

     2.2.1  All the major policy matters concerning society.

     2.2.2  Membership records and administration

     2.2.3. Keeping report of and coordinating the correspondence with national and international bodies.

     2.2.4. Organize elections for the society.

     2.2.5. Maintenance of the Society’s website, coalition and maintaining record on educational activities.

     2.2.6. The central office may accept financial support solely for establishing/running the central office subject to information

            / approval of executive council.


The society shall have the following categories of members;

3.1  Full Members

       3.1.0. All medical practitioners who:

       3.1.1. Hold national or international postgraduate qualifications accredited by PMDC (FCPS, MCPS, DMRD, MD, FRCR, DABR,

                ECINR or equivalent).

       3.1.2.  Are practicing in and are residents of Pakistan.

       3.1.3.  Have shown competency in Diagnostic Neuro Radiology Interventional Neuroradiology i.e. Have acquired post radiology

                  fellowship training and certification in subspecialty from a recognized structured training program (evidence

                  required), or Have not acquired any recognized fellowship certification, yet in practice or subspecialty for more

                   than 8 years and can produce two references from certified fellows.  

        3.1.4.  Membership fee will be Rs.500/ per annum (after 2023).

3.2. All full members can apply for life members and will have the voting rights and can hold the office.

3.3 Life Member

        3.3.1 Anyone eligible to be full members (clause 3.1) who will be admitted by the council to life membership.

3.4 Corresponding Member

       3.4.1 Shall consist of those who fulfill the conditions for membership as defined in Clause 3.1 they are practicing

                interventional neuro radiologists outside Pakistan who will not have voting rights or hold office. However

                they can participate in general body meeting.

      3.4.2 Fee for corresponding member will be Rs. 2000/- per annum (after 2023).

3.5 Honorary Member

      3.5.1 Persons distinguished for eminent services to medicine and especially to the cause of interventional radiological sciences

               and to this society may be made honorary members by the approval of the Executive Council.

3.6 Associate Members:

Medical students, nurses, radiographer and physician and surgeons other than the field of radiology can be associate members. They shall be entitled to attend meetings, symposia and lectures but not entitled to vote. They must submit letter for recommendation from the full members of IRSP. Annual subscription is Rs. 1000/-

3.7 Members Emeritus:

       3.7.1   These will be the senior members of the society who have contributed significantly to the cause of the society.

                 Who, the executive council members recognize for their lifelong commitment and devotion.

3.8   All members shall pay their annual dues on before the 30th April, each year. In case of non-payment a notice of the

         same shall be sent to the address of the member in the record of the society, specifying a date not more than 14

         days from the date of notice, within which the dues must be paid.

3.9   Every member joining the society impliedly undertakes to comply with these rules and refusal or neglect to do so or any conduct which is calculated to defeat the objectives of the society or any dishonest behavior or malpractice, render such members liable to expulsion by a resolution  of the council provided that at least one week before the meeting of the council, at which such resolution is proposed to be passed, the members shall have a notice therefore by a registered A.D. letter/courier and that he/she shall, before the passing of such resolution, have had an opportunity of giving orally or in writing as the council may direct, any explanation or defence he/she may think fit. A member expelled shall forfeit all the privileges of membership and all rights the society (the penalty/expulsion period will be decided by the executive-council). No refund of fee will be provided in such case.

3.10. Fees mentioned for any category may be changes by the general body.


       3.12.1 Any member who fails to pay subscription fee for three month will be removed from membership after giving

                 him fifteen days notice.

        3.12.2 For member who acts or behaves in contravention of the aims and objects of the society either by active behavior

                  or otherwise and a resolution to that effect is passed against him by the managing committee shall be removed by

                    giving him the show cause notice.

       3.12.3     A member shall be ceased to be member of the society for any of the following reasons;

               Resignation accepted by the executive committee.

               Death of the Member.

               Gross misconduct.

              Final conviction and sentence by a court of law involving moral turpitude, followed by a resolution

                                  of the managing committee.

             if a member commits default payment of membership fee.

3.13        Re-Admission of Membership

         3.13.1   Member who have ceased to be a member of the society of whose membership has been terminated can be

                   re-admitted with the approval of the general body on a written request by the individual and on payment of



4.1. The financial year of the society shall be from 1st January to 31st December.


5.1.   The funds of the society shall consist of admission fee, annual subscription fee from members, voluntary donation, aids and special contributions by members or other for specific purposes.

5.2. NRSP will receive 20% of the surplus amount remaining from the yearly generated funds.


6.1.   Audits of accounts will be submitted to PPRC on yearly basis. It will be conducted by one pre-approved (by executive council of RSP) reputable audit firm across Pakistan on regular basis to ensure transparency and objectivity.

7. Bank Accounts

7.1.  The funds for annual meeting and academic activities will be generated by the sub-society through donation, companies, membership and registration fee etc.

7.2.  The donation or any other amount including memorandum fee and annual subscription shall be deposited with any scheduled bank as may be prescribed by the executive council from time to time. The account shall operated under the joint signature of any 2 or 3 signatories including President, Finance Secretary or general secretary


8.1. There shall be held a general body meeting every year. It shall receive report of the working of the society.

8.2. The general secretary shall submit his report.

8.3. Finance secretary will submit accounts.

8.4. The general body shall have power to make, alter or substitute rules.

8.5. One month after election power of the new managing committee shall take office and the old managing committee shall handover charge of the office.

8.6. In the general body meeting every member shall entitled to put up any of the grievance.

8.7. The quorum of the general body meeting shall be 3/4th majority of the total strength of the members.


9.1. The administration of the society shall vest in the executive committee which shall be elected by the members of the society for a period of two years, and it shall continue to function.

9.2. The executive committee may also constitute sub-committee which shall functions subject to the control of the managing committee. The managing committee is also authorized to suspend the membership of any member on the basis of misconduct or working against the interest of the society.


Executive Committee Board (2020-2025) will constitute the following members of the existing team,

Executive Committee Board (2020-25)

  1. Umair Rashid Chaudhry
  2. Tanveer ul Haq
  3. Sohail Akhtar
  4. Representative from NRSP

 Executive Committee (2020-25)

President                                Dr. Umair Rashid Chaudhry

President Elect                          Dr. Muhammad Farooq Awan

Senior Vice President                   Prof. Muhammad Nawaz Khan

Vice President                           Dr. Yousaf Memon

General Secretory                       Col. Baqar Hassan Khwaja

Joint Secretary                          Dr. Shamullah Burki

Finance Secretary                       Dr. Sobia Ishaq

Secretary Publication                    Dr. Mohammad Atif


11.1.  The regular meeting of the executive committee shall be held as below;

  • 1st meeting of E.C within 3 months of GBM.
  • Next within 6 months after 1st
  • 3rd at the time of NRSP conference/Workshop

12.1. All decision of the meeting will be taken with the approval of 2/3rd majority of general body and executive committee.


13.1. The Quorum for the meeting of the executive committee shall be not less the 5/7 of the total members.

13.2. Quorum for general body meeting will be a minimum of 20 full members or 50% of full members.


14.1.  Any amendment proposed in the memorandum of the articles of the society shall be passed by 2/3rd majority of the general body.


15.1. After every five years, executive committee will nominate election commissioner who shall conduct the process of election for office bearers.

15.2. The elections shall be by votes of the members or proxy procedure and society registration act shall be followed.

15.3. Every member shall have right to use vote, but the defaulter member who has not paid the membership fee continuously for three months past the due date shall not eligible to cast his or her vote.

15.4. Members seeking elections will have to file nomination paper at least two weeks prior to the date fixed for election and scrutiny of all the nomination paper proposed and seconded by all the members shall be held one week before the date of election. Those candidates whose nomination papers are in order shall be eligible to contest for the position sought and may contest the election.